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Cost Per Viewable Person – The Metrics That Matter

For many of us, times of transition tend to be energizing.  Typically, change happens when existing systems are starting to falter, but exciting new possibilities are beckoning.

Take digital marketing. The first banner ad ran over 20 years ago, and the rise of the impression as the key advertising currency followed quickly thereafter. Over the years, traditional CPM buys have served us relatively well, though we are all too familiar with the challenges that they present: lack of certainty around reach, ad views wasted on spiders and bots, lack of creative flexibility, inability to follow consumers across media channels and devices…the list goes on. There are plenty of tools to help mitigate these issues, but the core challenges never really disappear.

But there is now a better way to do things. For both publishers and advertisers, the simple truth is that it is people that are valuable, and impressions are just a proxy for reaching them. When a publisher can identify unique individuals and serve specific messaging against them, it creates entirely new levels of value for advertisers, who are looking to create personalized communications with their core constituency.  People-based marketing is a win for both sides, and the tools, strategies and data exist to do it today.

There are still challenges, to be sure. But the shift from CPM to CPVP – cost per viewable person – is underway even as we speak, and the benefits CPVP offers are profound.

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