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Innovation That Brings Results

Sonobi builds the cutting-edge technology that continues to define the industry of performance marketing. Our proprietary solutions allow publishers to engage with their audiences like never before, while providing advertisers unparalleled access and visibility into their ideal audiences.

Agnostic Identity Resolution Perfected

Introducing JetStream and PBID

Sonobi’s JetStream platform uses a People-Based ID (PBID) to match real audiences visiting sites, and their devices, to any major marketplace technology. This gives the programmatic buying platforms an identity solution they can instantly recognize. This not only maximizes the scale of supply for programmatic buyers but also allows for supply-side campaign targeting across an expanding curated marketplace.

Features of JetStream's PBID

Comprehensive Data Matching

JetStream’s PBID (People-Based ID) works efficiently with all CRM and 3rd-party match technologies for maximum reach.

Privacy Compliant Compatibility

JetStream is fully GDPR and CCPA compliant, connecting consented users into consumer ID spaces while maintaining total privacy.

Unified Campaign Execution

JetStream enables the management of numerous campaigns across multiple fragmented cookie silos.

The JetStream Platform


One-to-One Connections

JetStream provides publishers with the tools to create one-to-one relationships between your audience and Fortune 500 advertisers.

Privacy at its Core

A future-proof, consumer-focused platform with explicit consent at its foundation (CCPA, GDPR compliant).

Supply Path Perfection

Become part of the open-web marketplace with modular identity, safety, transparency, and shorter, more effective supply paths.


High-Quality Experiences

Sonobi’s omnichannel supply chain offers transparency, control, and can successfully reach dedicated consumers across all devices and formats.

Bring Your Own Data

JetStream allows you to forecast, plan, and deliver across the web’s top media properties using fully-addressable audiences defined by you.

Eliminate 3rd-Party Fees

JetStream removes unnecessary 3rd-party intermediaries and provides direct transparent fees, all while maintaining your negotiating power.

Unique in the Industry

Sonobi's Programmatic + Push Solution

Sonobi can increase your site traffic while creating another stream of revenue utilizing push notification technology. Integrate push notifications into your current workflow and start building new audience segments and notifications in just minutes.

Free Download • White Paper

The Benefits of Push Notifications for Publishers

The “Benefits of Push Notification for Publishers” was created by conducting in-depth research into the existing evidence base around push notification technology as it exists in the industry today.

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