Life at Sonobi

Faster, Stronger, Better

Most companies talk about their culture, but very few companies put in the necessary effort to make it truly amazing. Sonobi’s culture isn’t just about a few people who set the tone for everyone. It takes a unique and confident team to create our energetic and innovative environment!

We believe that a strong culture helps people to understand each other better and to share viewpoints, accomplishments, and goals more clearly. It is all about the energy and attention we invest in our people. Because after all, the more we invest in our people, the stronger we become as a group.

Exceed Expectations

Think Big

To think big means to rise above the average, and to never be satisfied with “good enough.” Thinking big about leading by example and always inspiring others to recognize their own unique talents and abilities.

Sieze The Initiative

Take Action

It’s about pushing boundaries and overcoming inherent barriers. At Sonobi we expect you to be a wave-maker. In short- take action, make waves, and help create a better and brighter tomorrow.

Show Your True Colors

Be Unique

Nobody benefits from hiding behind a mask. We value the differences in our employees as much as the things we have in common. After all, it is only by being true to yourself that brings out the best in all of us.

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