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Marketing Partnership to Help Fine-Tune Targeting

by: Richard Adkikari // July 18, 2018

Sonobi and San Francisco-based LiveRamp, an Axiom company, on Tuesday announced a partnership to help marketers improve targeting of potential customers.

The partnership will let brands and agencies build media packages using the Sonobi JetStream multichannel ad platform and LiveRamp’s identity resolution system.

“Sonobi has a forecasting and planning engine that understands the visitation patterns of an individual user across the open Web,” said Michael Connolly, CEO of the Winter Park, Florida-based company.

“Through our integration with LiveRamp, we can give their clients a complete understanding of how to best find their customers,” he told CRM Buyer.

Users will be able to connect their CRM databases directly with media companies with appropriate inventory, giving LiveRamp’s marketer customers direct control over building Deal IDs, the unique number LiveRamp uses to match buyers and sellers of programmatic media.

“The process of building Deal IDs is time consuming and complex,” Connolly said. “This partnership lets the end user create Deal IDs with one click and [provides] flexibility on how to traffic those deals.”

Direct control over building Deal IDs lets users understand where their customers consume media, connect brand data with appropriate publishers, and create cross-channel and cross-format deals. It also lets them make programmatic media purchases more efficiently.


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