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Adtech Company Sonobi Finds Success in Orlando

By Amanda Roche // December 11, 2020

Why Orlando?

Orlando might not come to mind first as a prime location for an advertising technology company. With most media buyers located in large media markets like New York and Chicago, many firms in the business tend to also set up shop in these high cost cities. But a growing number of technology companies like Sonobi have found that the benefits of a less competitive talent pool and comparatively low cost of living and doing business in Orlando outweighs the benefits of proximity to high-cost media markets.

In today’s war for STEM talent, a steady pipeline of technical graduates from one of the nation’s largest universities, University of Central Florida (UCF), makes Orlando an ideal hub for tech companies looking to hire and recruit from a diverse pool of engineering talent. Plus, the cultural amenities in Orlando compare favorably with larger cities because of its status as an international destination…


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