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This Ad-Tech Player Brilliantly Mocks the Douchey ‘Bro-Bot’ Epidemic in the Industry

Sonobi speaks to brands’ concerns

The annoying buzz terms, the weird company names, the phony hype—few things in the world of business can be as absurd as the ad-tech industry. So who better to point out such ridiculousness in comedic fashion than the minds within an ad-tech company?

That’s what Sonobi is up to today with the release of its “Bro-Bot” campaign, highlighted by images and videos that center on characters such as “Bryn Bottenfeld, CEO and Chief Disruptor for Adifibly.” Say “Adifibly” three times out loud and hear the douchiness that Sonobi is trying to rail against in its endeavor. The effort includes an integrated strategy involving out-of-home (transit media such as New York subway ads), social video (YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn) and print ads in Fast Company.

Created by agency White Lightning & Judge’s Son, the initiative truly focuses on a four-video series that first introduces the Bro-Bot phenomenon with The Douche before going into three other characters: The Middle Man; The Disruptor (the aforementioned Bottenfeld); and, The Narcissist.

“We created intentionally over-the-top daily life and business scenarios where the short-sighted somewhat egotistical robot complicated matters unnecessarily and absurdity ensued,” said John Donahue, chief marketing officer at Sonobi, which offers publishers, agencies and advertisers a media-planning system called JetStream.

And a chief underlying pitch is: Sonobi is an ad-tech company which claims—unlike many of its competitors, the narrative goes—that it actually understands advertising and creativity.

Check out the New York-based company’s series of fun spots:

Rise of the Bro-bots

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