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Push Notification Solution

Initiate Real-Time Connections

Painless integration, amazing CTRs, higher revenue per visit, and world-class support. Keep your audience entertained and engaged, on any device. Develop real relationships with users and bring them back to your website every day.

What Are Push Notifications?

Push notifications are clickable notification messages that appear on your users’ browsers or devices. 

How Do Users Subscribe?

Push notification sample prompt - desktop
Push notification sample prompt - desktop

How Are They Used?

How Are They Created?

Sample Notification Being Built
Sample Notification Being Built

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Benefits of Push Notifications

Never Missed

Unobtrusive but never overlooked messages that can reach audiences anywhere at anytime and on any device.

Better Delivery

Browser push notifications face no delivery issues - prompt and assured delivery is virtually 100%.

Incredible CTRs

Notifications are seen instantly, unlike traditional methods, with CTRs at least 4-8 times that of email.

No App Required

Since push notifications work both on desktop and mobile browsers, no mobile app is ever needed.

Increased Engagement

Always reach your audience. Push notifications are delivered even when the subscriber is not on your website.

High Opt-In

Opting in is simple, with no user info like email or phone number required, resulting in much higher user adoption.

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The Benefits of Push Notifications for Publishers

The “Benefits of Push Notification for Publishers” was created by conducting in-depth research into the existing evidence base around push notification technology as it exists in the industry today.

Reach Your Audience

Push Notifications are delivered directly to the subscriber’s phone or desktop, even when they’re not on your website. Ultimately, push advertising is more targeted, more timely, and more effective.

Desktop Notifications
Desktop Notifications
Mobile Push Notifications
Mobile Push Notifications

Build and Retain an Audience with Ease

With a one-click to subscribe, it’s effortless for your traffic to receive push notifications, turning one-time visitors into long-term site users. Now your subscribers can get updates about new content, site updates, or other timely information.

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