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Truly Addressable Advertising Is Coming

by  // March 10, 2017

Audience-based advertising. What is it? Some put it in the “people-based” advertising bucket. In either case, it involves a shift away from cookie-based marketing. RTBlogspoke with Tony Katsur, president of ad-tech firm Sonobi, about the segue to marketing that doesn’t rely on cookies.

RTBlog: What is so-called “people-based” marketing? And where’s the cookie going?

Tony Katsur: It’s a move to identify real people. The cookie isn’t dead yet, but it will have less relevance over the next five years. Cookies are low-fidelity tokens. At some point, marketers that rely on them will have trouble identifying consumers.

RTBlog: Why are cookies “low fidelity tokens”?

Katsur: A cookie is lower fidelity because churn against the cookie on a person is between 20% to 40%. You can’t maintain a consistent relationship with them. For example, “is that really Tony Katsur at”  A cookie  doesn’t suffice for addressability because it has a high churn rate and doesn’t translate to multiple devices.



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