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Sonobi Launches GDPR Consent Management Platform

Addressable technology provider now powers advertising industry with consent capabilities

LONDONMay 23, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Sonobi has announced a privacy-by-design Consent Management Platform (CMP) providing publishers with a solution to ensure transparent consent, compliance and continuity in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation. Sonobi’s addressable platform, JetStream, now not only supports people-based advertising, but also provides a publisher-led universal consumer ID that can empower both buyers and sellers in the age of GDPR.

When the data protection legislation goes into effect on May 25, European internet users have the ability to provide or revoke consent to have their personal data used by publishers. While the regulations bring in a new day for consumer data protection, it presents challenges for publishers who rely on data-driven advertising revenue.

HubSpot research found that 59% of European consumers would ask companies to completely delete their records when GDPR comes into effect. However, according to a report from Forrester, released earlier this year, only 26% of European firms said they were fully GDPR compliant. As companies forge ahead on seeking compliance, consumers need to know that they have control over their personal data.

Sonobi’s CMP is a turn-key GDPR compliance solution, providing publishers with explicit consent management for consumers, and a full compliance auditing platform, coupled with an ID solution enabling the continued delivery of all monetization channels regardless of the number of partners a publisher chooses to work with.

The solution provides publishers the tools to manage GDPR compliance for all header based, waterfall tag based, and publisher direct ad server integrations — all while bringing the capability of addressable advertising into the publisher’s toolkit.

“Most, if not all, consent products in the market are not complete compliance solutions. They are stop-gap measures to ensure continuing liquidity within the advertising sector,” said Gareth Holmes, Sonobi’s Vice President, International. “This is a complete product, that has been developed to ensure that addressable solutions to GDPR are brought to the forefront, in a way that ensures that publishers receive consent from their audience in driving advertising solutions.”

Unlike some cookie-only GDPR solutions, Sonobi’s offering enables GDPR consent & compliance management across desktop, mobile web, email and in-app, all while giving total control of Data Subject interaction to an organization’s Data Protection Officer and full consent management to the individual user.

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