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Cutting Out the Middleman: Facebook Expands Header Bidding

by Julian Barton // March 27, 2017

Facebook intends to bring header bidding to more publishers, via intermediaries, after Audience Network testing with major mobile web publishers revealed its potential value.

In a Facebook Audience Network blog post, Publisher Solutions Director David Jakubowski said the testing with major mobile web publishers (Washington Post, Forbes, Daily Mail) provided Facebook with “important insights into the business dynamics between technology providers and publishers.”

Cutting out the middleman is one priority.

“With the way ad bidding happens in programmatic advertising, publishers are consistently losing margins to third party middlemen who make the rules and obfuscate the truth,” said Jakubowski. “These are well-known issues, and they are being combatted through new technologies like header bidding. Header bidding is a more transparent bidding process where publishers see what every advertiser or technology provider is willing to pay for every impression.”


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