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Why Cookie-Based Marketing Endures

by  // February 27, 2017

A panel at Gabbcon discussed the merits of other forms of tracking, and why they’ve yet to take the place of the cookie.

Any marketer working in digital across devices knows that mobile is quickly becoming king, and desktop is less essential than it once was. The issue with this new paradigm, however, is that the cookie — the user targeting method that’s endured almost since the dawn of the web — doesn’t really hold up for mobile audiences, who spend more of their time in apps than on the mobile web. This being the case, it seems clear that cookies will fade from their dominant position in digital marketing in the near future.

That was the initial direction of the conversation at a panel during Gabbcon, a conference centered around the future of television and video held last week in New York. Under Sonobi President Anthony Katsur’s moderation, the panel, titled “The Cookie is Crumbling,” explored the current digital marketing landscape, and how marketers are targeting users across devices.

“I don’t think there’s any question that today, the cookie is the predominate token that is leveraged in media buys,”Katsur said.


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