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Why Wired Is Hosting Its Conde Nast Sister Brands At CES This Year

by Max Willens // January 9, 2018

CES has long outgrown its origins as an expo for tech geeks. So Wired is using its presence there to show off the tech-y sides of other Condé Nast publications.

The Wired Cafe will host representatives from other Condé Nast titles this year, not just to showcase Allure’s beauty chatbot and Vogue’s foray into augmented reality, but to grab more time with marketers, as CES has turned into a major meetings hotbed for marketers, publishers and ad agencies.

Condé Nast is sending more than 50 people to the show in part because it reorganized its sales teams to sell by ad categories rather than by title, but also because CES has grown into a media tentpole.

“Clearly, the technology [at CES] has built past consumer tech into fashion, beauty, food,” said Maya Draisin, vp of marketing at Condé Nast. “There’s been a lot of innovation and development.”


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