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Sonobi Makes Waves: Featured on OAREX’s 2023 Half-Year Top Payors List

Sonobi Named a Top Payor by OAREX

With a consistent track record of paying on time, Sonobi has received the Top Payor award for H1 2023.

OAREX, the provider of fast and flexible funding for digital media buyers and sellers, has announced that Sonobi was named a Top Payor during the first half-year period of 2023. Sonobi, along with 24 other programmatic demand partners, is being recognized for consistently disbursing on-time payments.

“Sonobi is pleased to be recognized as an OAREX H1 2023 Top Payor. I believe this recognition highlights our unwavering commitment to our partners,” said Michael Connolly, CEO. “As a leader in the digital media industry, we are proud to do our part, putting our partners first by consistently remitting on-time payments.”

The companies on the OAREX H1 2023 Top Payors list were successful in submitting on-time payments and met the following criteria:

  • The payor is a programmatic partner.
  • OAREX processed at least six payments from the payor during Q1 and Q2 2023.
  • Payments received during Q1 and Q2 2023 were made within three days of the due date, with the exception of one late payment (a mulligan), which was paid no later than one week past the due date.

A full list of the 24 Top Payors can be found at

“Over the past several months, credit risk has taken center stage when evaluating demand partners,” commented OAREX EVP Nick Carrabbia. “Conditions continue to worsen as does our most recent payment data across the industry. With so much uncertainty in the programmatic supply chain, we are glad to spotlight those partners who uphold their commitments and consistently meet payment expectations.”


The OAREX H1 2023 Top Payors were identified using OAREX’s first-party data from the OAREX H1 2023 Digital Media and Advertising Payments Report, which revealed data and trends in the digital ad payment space.

There are three factors that determine whether a company qualifies as a Top Payor. First, the payor must be a programmatic partner (excluding agencies, brands, and other manual payors). Second, OAREX must process a minimum of six payments from the payor during the half-year period. Lastly, payors are allotted one payment up to a week late of the stated terms. Aside from that exception, OAREX must receive all other payments within three days of the stated due date.

sonobi logo in blue with transparent background

About Sonobi 

Sonobi is an independent, consumer-focused technology company that provides a fair and equitable media marketplace to connect advertisers directly with individuals. Sonobi’s JetStream technology is transforming the business of traditional impression-based advertising to individual-based advertising. By unifying comScore’s top 250 premium media properties and fortune 500 advertisers, Sonobi’s JetStream platform enables publishers and marketers to directly collaborate in order to create and deliver superior addressable communication plans for the people who matter most — consumers.

About OAREX Capital Markets, Inc.

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