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Snapchat’s Value Lies in its Discover Platform, Not Ads

by Perry Simpson // June 30, 2017

Discover is exactly what publishers have asked for for years. Snap shouldn’t neglect it.

Snapchat hasn’t had a great year as a company, despite an impressive IPO. Not terrible by any measure, mind you. After all, any company that can come out and change the very philosophy of digital communications doesn’t just slide off the window after a rough few months. But advertisers have struggled to find value in the ephemeral platform.

“Snaps’ main issue is bandwidth and the richness of their content. They need to think globally about this in order for Snapchat to truly scale as an effective global content distribution powerhouse, says Justin Kennedy, COO & co-founder at Sonobi.

While Snap will likely continue to bolster its offerings to marketers — and while those efforts may indeed bring it closer to the potential its IPO showed — the one thing it has over its sticky-fingered competitors is its Discover platform for publishers, but it seems the company isn’t quite as focused on the feature as it probably should be.


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