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Dmexco Decoded: Powering Your Advertising Through Technology

by Michael Connolly // September 11, 2017

Tech partners can add value to your brand’s digital media plan but you need to ask the right questions
If you are a digital media buyer, you hear a lot about how technology companies can help your advertising as you engage with Dmexco. Unlike most areas in digital media, the value that the right technology partner can deliver may not always be straightforward or clear. Each business has its own set of unique questions to ask tech partners, but the five below establish a baseline of expectations for any potential partnership.

How much will your technology solution cost?
The true cost of a tech-powered media buy may not be immediately obvious – even though it should be. Demand transparency in fees and pricing from any partner; otherwise, you are liable to get hit by unexpected fees eroding your spend. Ask what fees beyond the direct platform fee you will pay on top of your media buy. How much of any dollar you put into the technology partner’s system goes to the publisher? What other parties are between you and the publisher?


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