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CTV and ROI: How Data-Driven Targeting Boosts Your Bottom Line

Connected television, or CTV, is the fastest-growing frontier in advertising. At the current pace, CTV ad spending is predicted to hit $43.59 billion by 2026. (Source

Brands can’t afford to ignore connected television, but many mid-sized companies and smaller businesses may feel like CTV is simply too big, too expensive, or too overwhelming to take on. However, there is a place for your brand in the CTV ecosystem. Data-driven insights and sophisticated audience targeting will help you find it. 

Data-Driven Success

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Making strategic advertising decisions based on data collection, analysis, and interpretation is crucial when it comes to growing a business and sustaining success.

In fact, applying data-driven targeting across all channels has never been more important to the success of your campaigns. In the face of fast-changing market dynamics and uncertainty, taking advantage of a data-driven approach is the smartest way to reach audiences. And with audiences growing more fickle, tailoring ads to their interests and habits is the best way to reach them.

Precise audience targeting has always been the gold standard in digital marketing, where data is readily available from websites, apps, and more. Advances in programmatic technology and data targeting have made it possible to reach desired audiences with precision – and at scale. This has led to serving ads that showcase the services and products audiences are most interested in, reducing overall spend while improving return. 

Data-driven insights have previously been impossible in the television world – until now. 

Linear TV Advertising vs. CTV 

Advertising through traditional linear TV, such as satellite or cable, involves displaying ads based on timing and programming, but the ads are delivered without effective user-level targeting methods. You can look at which audiences may be more likely to watch certain channels or programs. You can extrapolate the demographics of who might be tuning in during certain times of the day. But until relatively recently, advertisers simply didn’t have access to more in-depth data to narrow the scope.

The explosion of CTV is opening up a whole new world of possibilities for brands looking to reach their intended audiences and maximize their ROI. CTV not only delivers video ads to consumers, but does so in a much more effective way than scheduled linear programming.

New data-driven capabilities in CTV enable television and digital marketers to elevate their campaigns. Thanks to the incredible data that CTV is able to provide, buyers can better reach their intended audiences in ways not possible through traditional linear TV. They have access to first-party data, shopping data, and location data. This ability to utilize a data-driven approach is one reason why CTV is the fastest-growing ad channel.

Better ROI with Targeted CTV Advertising 

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While advertising to a broader viewership on linear TV might work for certain large-scale, international brands, it’s not the smartest strategy for the majority of businesses out there. For instance, if you’re advertising for a local restaurant or regional franchise, you likely rely on targeting by location. A commercial that airs across the entire U.S. will have a much lower ROI because your ad is being delivered to people that might live thousands of miles away.

Sophisticated targeting based on data goes beyond location. By adding layers of additional filters, from basic demographics to shopping habits and beyond, you can fine-tune your audience with an astonishing degree of precision. Instead of delivering ads based on gut feelings and hunches, the data-driven approach turns CTV advertising into a tried-and-true process that leads to positive and predictable business outcomes.

Not wasting an advertising budget on ineffective marketing is the most obvious way that using data-driven insights in CTV advertising will maximize ROI. However, it can also trim the fat in another less obvious way: by reducing overall costs.

Advertising budgets involve more than just how much a brand spends on ad space. When a company employs data-driven insights, they enjoy the added benefit of streamlining the process, reducing workload, infrastructure overhead, and project risks. Altogether, this improves the efficiency of operations. Time equals money, and improved efficiency is a direct pathway to smarter spending. 

Sonobi: Your CTV Trailblazer – Pioneering Your Brand’s Success in the Digital Age!

With our self-sufficient supply chain and extensive track record in executing successful campaigns, we go beyond a mere platform. 

“We wanted to create a straightforward solution for brands who know that CTV is the future but aren’t sure where to start,” Justin Kennedy, COO of Sonobi, explains. “Our goal is to make executing digital campaigns as easy as possible.” 

Here at Sonobi, we have our own direct connection to the supply, which gives us a transparent, direct line to that supply. That means that by choosing Sonobi, your brand will have direct access to our premium CTV inventory, creating efficiency and enhanced control of your CTV marketing needs. You will reach your target audience with precision and at the right time.

Not only do our savvy solutions drive results for your business, but our direct collaboration with publishers also gives Sonobi unparalleled access to cost efficiencies that benefit you – and your bottom line. Working with us at Sonobi means smarter ad spending, precise targeting, and premium inventory that sets you apart from the competition.

To deliver even more comprehensive CTV solutions, Sonobi has also revealed a new programmatic advertising partnership with Capitfy and MediaMath. Together, this trifecta of trusted programmatic partners offers brands a path to launch or scale their CTV advertising, and connects them to the targeted audiences that matter most to them. With this new partnership, brands can expect a higher level of engagement, a better user experience, and efficient ad spending.

To learn more, contact us today. 

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