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Q2 Employee Spotlight


At Sonobi we’re constantly inspired by the remarkable individuals who make up our team. Today, we’re shining a light on one such individual: Jose Medina, a Software Engineer whose passion and dedication drive innovation and collaboration. As a Software Engineer, Jose plays a pivotal role in the development and design of the GO ecosystem, constantly striving to enhance functionality for both our internal teams and external clients. His commitment doesn’t stop there; he’s always on the lookout for ways to optimize our existing code base, ensuring our products remain at the forefront of innovation. For Jose, it’s all about the team spirit! He finds immense joy in collaborating with a dedicated and diverse group of individuals. Fostering a supportive and inclusive environment is key, and Jose embodies this mindset wholeheartedly.

Beyond his technical contributions, Jose understands the importance of team bonding. One of his proudest moments was organizing a sip and paint event, bringing colleagues together for a fun and creative team-building exercise. “It’s these personal touches that make Sonobi more than just a workplace; it’s a community,” said Jose. Outside of Sonobi, Jose indulges in his passions, whether it’s cheering on his favorite soccer team (Visca Barça!), exploring new music through vintage vinyl, or seeking out breathtaking views on a hike, Jose infuses each moment with boundless enthusiasm.

We like to peek behind the code and discover the vibrant personalities that fuel our team’s innovation. So, we threw three playful questions at Jose, and his answers unveiled a whole new dimension to our colleague’s character!

Question 2: Dogs or cats?
While Jose might wag his tail a little more for dogs, he’s all about celebrating diversity. He sees the unique charm in our feline friends, proving that at Sonobi, inclusivity reigns supreme—whether it’s in our pets or our people.

Question 3: Is a hot dog a sandwich?
Prepare for a twist in perspective! Jose’s take on this age-old debate is as fresh as his code. To him, a hot dog defies traditional categorizations; it’s more of a taco, embracing its own unique identity. Leave it to Jose to spice up the conversation!

In Jose Medina, we have more than just a Software Engineer; we have a multifaceted individual whose enthusiasm, creativity, and dedication enrich the fabric of our Sonobi family. Here’s to Jose and the invaluable contributions he makes each day! 🎉

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