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Employee Spotlight Q2 2023

Q2 employee spotlight, Thomas Keeling

Each quarter, Sonobi likes to highlight an exceptional employee who not only works hard, but goes above and beyond. These rockstars are the ones who make Sonobi the exceptional workplace it is, and they deserve recognition for all they do – for both their fellow employees, and the brands that depend on us!

Meet Thomas Keeling!

IT Specialist

Q2 employee spotlight, Thomas Keeling

As an IT Specialist at Sonobi, Thomas Keeling’s day-to-day operations primarily include: working to resolve issues that his team members may have; helping the infrastructure team reach solutions for problems they may encounter; helping to ensure network and team member security; and supporting the overall function of Sonobi’s hardware and software systems.

When asked about his favorite part of Sonobi, he said, “The people!!!”

Although being an IT Specialist in itself is plenty to be proud of, Thomas has a few other things, too. In particular, he is pleased to say he has been learning coding during his time at Sonobi. “There are times where I like to ‘shadow’ some of my team members just to see what they are working on, and try to get a crash course on an aspect of what they are working on,” Thomas said.

Of course, all work and no play is no way to be! When he’s not in the office, Thomas kicks it around town in his BMW (with his Gudetama plush, Steve), which you’d expect from a card-carrying member of BMW CCA. He certainly wouldn’t turn down a Porsche, either, and he frequents car meets and shows.

When he’s ready for adventure, Thomas also loves to travel and go on road trips. He counts photography as a hobby, so go ahead and ask to see all those cool vacation photos!

Fun fact: Most people have a spirit animal. Well, I have a spirit vegetable, and it’s a potato.

Dog or cat person? I have both!

And now, for the most important question… Is a hot dog a sandwich? It’s a sub!

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