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Employee Spotlight Q1 2024

Meet Elli Angelopoulou: Manager of Training and Customer Development at Sonobi!

We’re shining the spotlight on someone who plays a pivotal role in making sure everyone is in sync – Elli Angelopoulou, our Manager of Training and Customer Development.

Elli, our onboarding maestro, is the driving force behind our robust onboarding process. With a favorite thing that aligns perfectly with their role – her colleagues – she thrives in the collaborative atmosphere at Sonobi.

On any given day, you’ll find Elli multitasking seamlessly, but her primary focus is always on new hires. She orchestrates the onboarding process, immersing newcomers into the world of Sonobi and providing comprehensive training on our ad-serving technology.

With a solid background in engineering, Elli is not just a tech enthusiast but also a bridge between our clients and non-technical teams with our engineering wizards. She is the go-to person for any questions about our tech, products, or digital advertising in general.

Having been an educator and researcher, Elli brings a unique set of skills to Sonobi. Her extensive experience in technical writing and editing is evident in maintaining internal documentation and crafting client-facing training materials. She’s not just focused on her team; she generously lends her expertise to assist other teams with documentation.

What does Elli find most rewarding? Providing the tools and knowledge for Sonobi team members to reach their full potential. Her proudest accomplishment? Developing Sonobi’s highly praised onboarding process from scratch.

Elli is a passionate traveler who has explored every continent except Antarctica and with her kids now older, she’s gearing up for even more adventures. Her love extends to the animal kingdom, with a household that includes one dog, three cats, and a regular feeding routine for neighborhood squirrels, bunnies, and crows.

As someone who has lived in three different countries and worked across five different states, Elli embraces change. Her approach to life – organized and prepared at work but spontaneous outside. Elli’s daughter sums it up well, “winging it” is the way to go.

Cat or Dog? While Elli leans towards being a dog person, she appreciates both cats and dogs. As for the hotdog debate (whether it is a sandwich or not), her flexibility shines through – Elli says, “As long as there’s a layer of something bread-like with another layer of food on top, it’s a sandwich”.

Join us in celebrating Elli Angelopoulou, a vital force in making Sonobi a place where every team member thrives!

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