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Unveiling Success: The Impact and Precision of Sonobi’s Targeted Ad Services

Sonobi, a pioneer in the realm of digital advertising, proudly highlights the success of its CTV/OTT ad services, tailored to meet the growing market demand for connected TV. This strategic enhancement innovates Sonobi’s existing offerings, further establishing the company as a leader in adapting to shifts in the market.

Craig Schwarz, SVP, Direct Demand & CTV, shared his excitement about the results so far: Our clients are experiencing 20-30% efficiencies across the board. This validates our direct-demand offering in both managed service and programmatic capacities, bringing unparalleled value to agencies, clients, and trading desks alike.

By focusing on mid-market agencies, Sonobi has expanded its JetStream platform capabilities, simplifying campaign management, measurement, and control. This approach enables the use of proprietary technology and a decade-long supply path to deliver curated inventory that enhances both results and reach for the campaigns it serves.

Our JetStream technology and platform have facilitated precise audience targeting, offering customizable solutions and nimble operations to meet the unique demands of today’s advertisers,” said Craig Schwarz. “These innovations are proving essential in a marketplace that values both efficiency and effectiveness.

The success of this initiative is measurable through a full-funnel approach tailored to the diverse needs of agencies and clients. Sonobi has reported standout results, including above-average scan rates (QR code base), cost-efficient CPMs, and significant increases in brand lift as well as reach and frequency for several advertisers.

Further enhancing the team, Sonobi is excited to welcome Kevin Garrity as the new Head of Managed Service Demand. Coming from AI Digital in NYC, where he led a successful  activation team that managed  hundreds of campaigns annually, Kevin is set to drive forward Sonobi’s managed services and strengthen market positioning.

Kevin expressed his enthusiasm for his new role, stating, “Joining Sonobi represents a fantastic opportunity to contribute to an already dynamic team. I look forward to driving our managed service demand to new heights and ensuring our clients receive the most effective and innovative ad solutions available.”

Looking ahead, Sonobi is poised for substantial growth by leveraging its unique position within the supply chain and access to exclusive consumer-level insights. This advantage allows us to offer advanced strategies surrounding mid-funnel targeting, contextual and native CTV advertising, along with precise ROAS validation across various channels. These capabilities, not typically available through other managed service platforms, enable Sonobi to continually refine and enhance its services, setting new standards in advertising effectiveness.

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