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Sonobi’s 2023 Achievement: Top 10 Ad Management Solutions Company

In the dynamic world of advertising, staying ahead of the curve is paramount. Connected TV (CTV) has been a game-changer in the advertising landscape, but traditional methods have struggled to provide reliable returns on investment (ROIs). However, a transformative shift is underway, ushered in by an open-auction model akin to programmatic advertising. At the forefront of this revolution is Sonobi, a company revolutionizing programmatic advertising in the CTV space.

Sonobi: Bridging the Gap with Data-Driven Solutions

Sonobi specializes in programmatic advertising solutions tailored for CTV campaigns. Their approach revolves around audience-first innovations, bolstered by robust data science expertise. By enhancing transparency and comprehensibility of CTV supply streams, Sonobi empowers advertisers and publishers to navigate the complex world of CTV advertising effectively.

A significant focus of Sonobi’s mission is to optimize supply pathways for programmatic advertising expenditures. This involves creating efficient supply chains for digital marketers, a task that necessitated the development of Supply Path Optimization (SPO). Justin Kennedy, Chief Operations Officer of Sonobi, explains, “We try to create an efficient supply pathway using our machine learning and predictive models. Our goal is to try and create a 100% bid rate with our partners.”

Collaboration is Key

Building an efficient and transparent CTV supply chain also involves working closely with the right publishing partners. Sonobi employs two coordinated teams during client onboarding. The first team handles technical setup, ensuring accuracy, mapping placements, verifying ads, and validating the open RTB protocol. The second team focuses on demand optimization until a certain level of success is achieved, at which point the client success team takes over as the ongoing point of contact.

This collaborative approach places Sonobi in a unique position to identify consumers through user engagement and provide valuable information to potential buyers. This not only helps clients reach their target audience but also boosts revenue generation for publishers.

Expanding Horizons: A Focus on CTV

While Sonobi traditionally concentrated on DSP partners, the company recognized the opportunity presented by the transition of linear TV dollars to CTV. Consequently, they have intensified their efforts to assist mid-level brands and agencies in entering the programmatic advertising space, particularly in the CTV domain.

JetStream: The Backbone of Sonobi’s Success

At the core of Sonobi’s competencies lies JetStream, an ad-management platform that brings transparency to both publishers and advertisers. Unlike black-box platforms, JetStream provides actionable insights and empowers publishers to take control of their ad management. This transparency allows publishers to gain clarity on the ad ecosystem at brand and platform levels.

One notable success story involves Sonobi assisting a publisher in developing a proprietary identity solution to replace third-party cookies. This innovative solution allowed the publisher to operate their own first-party identity solution, mitigating the potential impact of third-party cookie loss.

A Commitment to Excellence

What sets Sonobi apart is its unwavering commitment to delivering desired outcomes. The company’s clear reporting enables publishers to analyze data effectively and uncover valuable insights. Moreover, Sonobi seeks to empower publishers with the ability to independently create and manage their relationships with advertisers. Their goal is to foster direct communication and collaboration to drive optimal outcomes for both parties.

Looking Ahead

As Sonobi continues to evolve, its vision remains clear: to provide an ecosystem where publishers can analyze information comprehensively and establish transparent connections with advertising partners. This commitment ensures increased revenue, enhanced user engagement, and significant cost and time savings for all involved. Sonobi’s innovative approach is ushering in a new era of programmatic advertising in the CTV domain, where transparency, collaboration, and data-driven solutions reign supreme.

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